Affiliate Marketing – What is it?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

A few days ago, Phu have a review about the new platform for the newbie Affiliate Marketers. You can read it here. In this post today, I want to clearly show you “What actually Affiliate Marketing is?”. And I will also the question: “Is it legit for you to earn the money?”. Let’s find out with me now!

Affiliate Marketing – Definition

Affiliate Marketing Definition

Affiliate Marketing is one kind of the marketing. So basically, it help the Creator sell his/her product more quickly. In the beginning time, this point can be done with the other people approach Creator’s product, “taste” it, give a review and promote it in the personal media like Website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And with the Advertising Feature in 5 years ago, we have the new method to do Aff Marketing easierly and quickerly.

Affiliate Marketing – Is it legit or not?

Affiliate Marketing Legit Or Not

From my experience, the answer is definitely yes. You can see my Affiliate Statistical Jvzoo in the first time I did Affiliate Marketing below:

Affiliate Marketing Statistical Jvzoo

$83.32 totally is not too much. But remember that at this time, I just started with 2 product in 2 weeks. And Phu can feel the potential of this kind of MMO.

From the thing I can see around me, my friends who worked with me in some project Aff Marketing can earn the money properly, too. I can show their Affiliate Statistical because of the private security. Sorry about that!



I hope you have a basic view about Aff Marketing and believe it is real way for you to earn money. My recommend for the newbie want to follow this type of MMO, let’s begin with a team. Do it alone, you can go quick. But if you face the problems, do it with a team can help you go further. And with this idea, Phu introduce you to use Dropblogr thanks to the Support Feature from the Creator of this software.

Thank you for reading my Affiliate Marketing Post!

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