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Recastly Review

Recastly Review

Hello everyone, I’m Phu. I review the new products in makerting onlines. I just review the things that I have a real experiences or at least I have a knowledge about it. And today, I bring to you a brand new tool names Recastly – A wonderful Video Captioning that will make you pleased. Hope anyone will enjoy my Recastly Review!

1. Introduction:


Recastly Exemple (Youtube)

As you know, nowadays, with advancing technology, video has become a more stable platform online. However, a majority of users view videos lacking sound so without subtitles, people will not hear your message. In addition, even if your users are listening to your video, reinforcing your message is important and subtitles can help add weight to your message. The Recastly App can help you do just that. Additionally, the Recastly can help your customers interact with you more easily and effectively. Given the societal appeal for more transparency and connection, the more you can do to help your customers speak to you and develop an experience of trust, the better it will be for your brand.

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2. Overview about Recastly App:

Recastly Refund

Recastly Review is an application which automatically generates subtitles for your videos. This product also has voiceover technology so you can take input from customers. And it will create speech using automated voices utilizing platforms such as Facebook or Instagram Live. This technology is designed to increase interaction with customers and help you be more approachable as well as helping them have a sense of voice to your content.

  • Vendor:
Rohit Shah and Sam Bakker
  • Product:
  • Launch Date:
  • Launch Time:
11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price:
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Click Here
  • Refund:
30-day money back guarantee
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  • Niche:
Video Design (Subtitle)
  • Recommend:
Highly recommend

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3. About the author:

Recastly App is brought to you by: Rohit Shah (Product Creator and Lead Developer) and Sam Bakker (Product Creator and Marketing). They have had some awsome cooperation that you can see below: 
– 2015: They partnered up for the first time for RunAWebinar that did over $400k in 7 days.
– 2016: They continue for Revamply and did over $500k in 7 days. And over $100k+ in recurring commissions since then.
– 2018: Now they are partnering up again for Recastly. They have done it before. So I think they will do it again.
As you see, both of them are talented and reputed. All of their app has the really friendly support and makerting. So you will be sastified with the quality and the supporting of Recastly.
                            Recastly App CreatorRecastly Author
                                         Rohit Shah                  Sam Bakker

4. Main Function:

Firstly, Recastly App wants to help you make subtitles in a variety of languages. So you can increase your access to a global audience. Secondly, Recastly Review can also do voiceovers well. Last but not least, it will help you add security measures (watermarks, fixed text) to your videos.

Recastly Features

5. How Recastly Works:How does it work?

Recastly Review works through a series of code templates which can be purchased by buying a license agreement from the Recastly website These templates will enable you to hardcode subtitles into a variety of videos. The basic package allows you to subtitle videos up to ten minutes in length.

You can see Recastly Review in action here:

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6. Who Should Use It?:


Anyone who creates digital content should use Recastly Review, especially those who are not able to hardcode subtitles on their own. This product adds a lot of value and helps avoid a lot of problems all with adding little effort on your own part. Coding and timing subtitles in your own videos is laborious work without a template. There are many different softwares you can use to do your own subtitles but none of them will take out the labor intensive aspects. Even with talented people, you do not want to be wasting staff time when that process can be automated. So, let your staff do more intensive projects. Recastly App helps you get better search traffic as the written text in your videos can link with search engine software. It is reasonable because subtitles are coded as text.

Who should use Recastly?

Recastly Review helps you connect with your customers who are hard of hearing by creating clear subtitles. You can not afford to be exclusive with any customer base. All money is good money. So, having a tool which can get your message out to millions more people for little effort, that is great! In addition, content creators have to be careful of discrimination lawsuits filed by disabled people who were not able to access content. Recastly Review helps you prevent this possibility from happening. Advertising your utilization of subtitles can also create positive market buzz. That is essential for keeping high sales as customers want a positive image of your company.

7. Recastly Review – Pros and Cons:

Recastly Pros

Recastly App handles a task which would normally take hours and does it automatically. The license fee, especially at its prerelease is cheap, so you can pay a one-time license fee to get a basic program forever. Recastly also has been created by people who have a track record in the tech sector. The creators of Recastly Review also created RunaWebinar and Revamply each with a proven track record of success.

Recastly ConsAs with any new product, there will be a process of debugging. If you get the basic premium pack, you also do not get access to the new content which will be released over time. For a product that depends on development to debug and improve templates, this can be a problem, especially if you are working in a sector which only dabbles in technology and is not immersed in it. Recastly Review also limits the amount of video you can subtitle unless you buy a periodic license (month-to-month or year-to-year) which can increase cost quickly.

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8. Recastly Review – Comparison:

Recastly Comparison

Recastly Review is unlike any technology I have seen to date. For exemple, Apple Movie and Windows Movie Maker each have options to add subtitles but to hardcode these requires you to go into the code of the application, which is difficult and can corrupt the software. The voiceover technology is a smooth, seamless interface and creates a smooth voice. For voiceover technology, this can be very difficult and Recastly App does this transition well. The automation makes this much different than even Youtube. This is because manually entering subtitles to match the timing of your video is extremely imprecise. The automation allows for much smoother transitions. And its technology to display one line at a time allows you to keep the attention of your audience even without sound.

9. Recastly Review – Funnel:

I appreciate the flexibility of this product’s Sale Funel. In my way of thinking, the good Funel is the one that can help people choose the fit plan based on their need. I can see that in Recastly Sale Funel.

Recastly Funel


10. Recastly Bonus:

Recastly Bonus

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11. Conclusion:

Recastly Conclusion

Recastly is a product which you should use for your digital creation needs. It is difficult to compare to existing products because of the unique niche Recastly Review has created in the market. The negatives of the product are comparable to other new products in niche markets. And the benefits far outweigh the costs. Reaching a multilingual audience as well as reaching the hard of hearing population is a great boost for your sales. Recastly App can approach these audiences automatically through the use of template coding. That will greatly increase your efficiency while taking on this challenging tasks in comparison to a subtitle creator on Youtube. Your money will be well spent investing on this product. Every niche product requires a little risk and this risk comes with high rewards. Lastly, I hope my Recastly Review has helped you see the unique nature of this product and invites you to try something new.

Thank you for reading!

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